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What if?

Meet Maisey. Crazy Maisey. My May May. Yes MINE. I am her person. I have no doubt she was placed in my life to teach me about unconditional love.

When we lived in New Mexico, I had an oversized bathtub that had a large ledge. Whenever I took a bath, Maisey sat on that ledge quietly (MOST days) and simply enjoyed being in my presence. I loved having her with me. When I started work each day, I would say let’s go to the office and she would lead the way. If I had to do laundry, I asked for her help and would find her waiting in front of the washing machine. If I wanted to weigh myself, I would say, “Maisey, mommy has to weigh.” She would run to the scale and wait.

She is always with me. She has slept on my pillow since the first night I brought her home. As I type this, she is at my feet.

I no longer have that amazing bathtub. But I still have Maisey. Since moving, all I have to do is pull the shower curtain back the tiniest bit to see her with her head resting on the edge peering in at me. She cannot get close enough to me and is in constant pursuit of me. When I had my accident, she never left my side.

That got me to thinking. What if I pursued Jesus like Maisey pursues me? What if I just sat quietly in his presence content to just be near Him? What if I asked Him to help me with all things like I ask her?


Yes, what if?

It's in the knowing.

Just a few more musings...from my soul.

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