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A Different Kind of Sparkle

When was the last time that you woke up amazed that you GET to live the life you are living? Like…totally amazed? Blown away? No way this is my life thoughts. No way this incredible man is my husband! These puppies…these adorable, spoiled rotten puppies that identify as “mommy’s babies.”

I would love to say that I wake up with this intense level of gratitude for my life every day, but it would not be true. Not even after front-loading with caffeine and puppy snuggles. I strive for it. It is a goal for sure. But today…I felt it deeply in my soul.

I looked at my husband and thought “WOW. This incredible caring human is my person. I get to do life with him.” Honestly, it felt like I should fall to my knees and lift my arms to the sky. For a girl that knows tumultuous intimately, peace takes my breath away. The simplicity of my life is the dreams of my youth fulfilled. Quiet moments, private moments like mine are what I wish for everyone. They matter so much more than the GRAND ones.

This weekend we went exploring and ended up in a shoe store. I know. Not exactly off the beaten path kind of exploring. No rocks to fill my pockets. I suppose for my husband who prefers off the beaten path that this was in fact exploring. To my amazement from across several aisles, my husband noticed a “blingy pair” of shoes that he knew were ME. If that weren’t enough, he actually said…”and that is the same designer that you normally gravitate to.”

What the WHAT?!!!! I don't even KNOW the designer. I just know they are my sparkle shoes.

Love is in the details. The knowing. He pays attention to me. He notices the little things that are in fact the big things. He puts me first.

I have never had a man in my life that demonstrated love to me so selflessly. I wish I could have spent more of my life loving and being loved by him. The gratitude that I feel at this moment leaves me without adequate words to express the fullness of my heart.

He is stable. Loving. Kind. Sometimes grouchy…my Walter IYKYK. Sometimes predictable. He is the guy that cares enough to KNOW me. Not tolerate me. He is not satisfied with average not even in love. Not even in the quiet moments of every day. Even those seemingly average moments with him take my breath away. He is the sparkle in my life!

He can tell you what brand of shoe that I am wearing.

He has a smile that only I get to see because it is reserved for me. For someone to make space for you in their life so fully that home becomes the moments that you share rather than a place that you reside is music that only the heart can hear.

Today… my heart dances.

Musings…of my soul.


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