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The Grass Between My Toes

Living in Tennessee, I notice the things that have been absent during my time in New Mexico. Grass. Green grass. Walking through the grass yesterday to check the mail in sandals and feeling the cool blades of grass touch my toes, I looked down to see clover and was reminded of a day that my cousin and I spent the entire day as children sitting in my backyard scouring every inch of it for a four-leaf clover. We imagined the possibilities it would bring us. I smiled fondly but also wondered what life would be like if we slowed down like that more often as adults. Appreciating the little things. The small wonders of this life.

We tend to get caught up in the noise of life rather than the stillness.

I am learning to be still more often. Rather than getting to my destination or checking off items from my to do list, I am experiencing the in-between a little more and breathing more deeply and intentionally.

On Easter Sunday, my husband and I took a drive through Leiper’s Fork. We stopped for a moment, and I saw two birds playing with one another. A seemingly meaningless interaction that summed up Easter in the most magnificent way – LIFE. The life that I am living cost a life. I am sure that squandering it away in worry, doubt, pursuit, and constant busyness was not what was on my Father’s mind when He traded his life for mine. Instead, I believe that He wanted me to experience life in its fullness. I am learning that to do that we need to be still sometimes to see, to hear, to feel, to experience, to be truly present in each moment rather than anticipating the next. How many miracles have we missed by not being still? I wonder.

How long can you be still without reaching for your phone or thinking about reaching for your phone?

We think of our phones as our lifelines in so many ways. We need them for business. We need them for emergencies. We need them to connect to family and friends. But do we? Perhaps in being so connected, we aren’t connected at all.

All from cool grass between my toes because I was present enough to FEEL it.

Take time to genuinely experience your senses today. See. Feel. Hear. Touch. Taste. Breathe. Smile.

I hope you feel the cool grass between your toes.

Just musings…of my soul


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