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The Hidden Cost of Email & Text Messages

Yesterday, I began the tedious process of deleting emails as my inbox rose to 35k. At first, I assumed it was primarily unopened copies of invoices for orders placed. Aside from being a writer, I am a professional drug dealer. I order drugs for veterinarians. I have done this for years. I typically receive order confirmations, shipment notices, and invoices for every order and rarely open any of them unless an issue arises. However, I keep them for reference — unopened in my inbox!

As I began deleting these, I realized that these types of emails actually represented a tiny percentage of my overflowing inbox. The overwhelming majority of my emails were advertisements and solicitations, which I also never look at. I do not listen to my voicemails or voice texts/clips either. I just don’t. There is nothing more annoying to me than for someone to send me a voice clip via text or messenger. The purpose of texts and messenger is to READ messages. If I had time or the desire to listen, a simple phone call would suffice. I digress.

I began deleting in bulk. It occurred to me that if people thought of their email address and cell phone number more like a bank account, they would be more hesitant to share. In fact, your email is a bank account of sorts.

It takes TIME to read, delete, sort. Time is an ASSET.

Even if you don’t read the full email and only see a preview, a seed has been planted. You see that PetSmart® is having a sale on dog beds. Later that evening, you unexplainably become obsessed with the fact that, although your dog literally has a bed in every room, an extra one in your office might be nice. Now, not only have you spent more time, but you have also spent more money, all because you provided the friendly cashier with your email.

You have given a retailer free access to your subconscious mind! It costs them nothing to spam your inbox. They are paying you nothing for your time! They are banking on sending you enough emails and texts over time that you will eventually believe that you need what they have. Hello, Who Gives A Crap® home delivered bamboo toilet paper. Yes, I am guilty as charged. In my case, I may get the same email twice or more. Often my husband forwards emails to me that he thinks might be of interest to me. PetSmart® times two!

I spent several hours deleting emails yesterday. I am paid in billable hours. Not one of the sender’s that had spammed my email pays me.

Deleting emails/texts doesn’t solve the problem though, as some of these senders email daily. You must unsubscribe! Imagine what budgeting 5- 10 minutes of your day to this process will save you in the long run.

Something to think about.

Until Next Time,


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