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I hope there comes a time when instead of waking up in the middle of the night to worry and dwell on your problems that you begin to wake up excited about your purpose. You may think that sounds impossible or wonder who I am to wish this for you. I am the girl that spent the better part of 50 years having to balance her checkbook (when that was a thing) every night before I could fall asleep.

What changed? Me. I changed. I changed my mind set and my perspective.

It was a process. It did not happen overnight.


Being a victim

Being a taker

Being lazy

Being greedy

Being jealous

I quit BEING and started BECOMING…

Becoming a servant

Becoming a giver

Becoming industrious

Becoming generous

Becoming celebratory of others.

I won’t justify or explain the reasons that I was the way I was. Doing exactly that is what keeps most people stuck being...

Instead, I will say, I took responsibility for me and the space I take up in this world. I wanted to be better than I was, and no one could make me better but me.

Sure, there are seminars, books, influencers, coaches, and most of all amazing husbands (spouses) and friends that believe in us, support us, and encourage us – all to which I am deeply indebted. Those who choose to show up in the world show us how to become if we choose to do more than simply to be. But, we have to DO! Do the work.

We have to do the work!

There is no time limit on doing the work other than you have to start. In my case, I have started and stopped more times than I can count. Why? Because being is known to us. Being is familiar because it is who we have always BEEN. Becoming is scary as hell because its new territory. It takes faith to step out on the ledge with nothing to catch you but the ground. BUT, it is the most life giving feeling ever.

I have spent my whole life bored. Searching. Sometimes being called a restless soul. I was made for more than just being. I was made for BECOMING and so were you!

I hope that you are able to connect the dots of your purpose and passion and move beyond being and start becoming all that you were made to be-come!

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