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Something Has To Change

Have you ever said, “Something has to change”? If I have heard my husband say it once, I have heard him say it a thousand times. When considering this question, I realize that I also have said it many times throughout the course of my life- sometimes many times throughout the course of a single day!

I have been in jobs that frustrated me. Relationships that were just plain wrong. Financial messes. You name it. In each case, if I have not said it out loud, I have definitely thought – something has to change.

As we all know, we cannot change other people. So, what is left? Me. You. The moment that we hear ourselves muttering those words – something has to change – we should immediately stop and ask ourselves if we have made any and all changes necessary to positively impact the situation. How can we change? Can we change our perspective? Can we change our attitude?

Some people will say well wait just a minute! Why should I change? I would say if we aren’t changing we aren’t growing. Normally the “something has to change statement” indicates that at the soul level we are no longer content with things the way they are. Our soul is calling us to grow and – yes, change! It is not calling for someone else to change. It is calling us out to be better, to be more, to grow, to change!

Financial messes are inanimate and powerless to change. We cannot just look at them and wait for them to reverse themselves. We must do something different from what we have been doing that got us into the mess.

If we are unhappy with our weight or appearance, we have to change something that we have been doing that caused the condition that we are unhappy with. It requires action!

We are responsible to be ever changing, ever growing – transforming.

If you want a sister, you have to be a sister. If you want a happy marriage, you have to be a happy person. Look at yourself first. Look at yourself always. Look at yourself often.

Chances are if you are thinking that something has to change, it is probably you!

Nothing will change until we do-

Until Next Time,


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