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Serving Over Selling

My very first friend and contact in New Mexico was and is my Mary Kay lady. It was a connection made by me looking for a specific item. I found her. I want to elaborate on this today.

She was never “salesy” yet treated her small business as a BUSINESS while still keeping her focus on SERVING with heart. I never felt pressured by her. She never blew up my inbox with high-pressure tactics that left me feeling like she had a quota to make or that I was a number but a part of her tribe. I only felt genuine love, concern, and friendship from her. I am not saying that she never made product suggestions that she felt would benefit me, but if I said no, she respected my answer. She would also advise against things that she felt weren’t right for me even though by doing so, it would more than likely cost her a sale. She is a great representative of her brand. As I am embracing my new surroundings, she is still my Mary Kay lady, albeit long distance. Most of all, she is my friend!

There are some services that you must replace when you move. If you are in a service business, this next part is for you. I hired a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets in the home we are leasing. Not gonna lie, they were ewwww! I made my selection based on recommendations despite there being a plethora of them. When I contacted Joedy, he was quick to respond and eager to serve - to provide a solution to my concern. Money was not the focus of the transaction. When he arrived, we had the best conversation! We discussed that when you live in a place for a while, most people have a “guy” for this task or that task and when you move, you no longer have a “guy.” His following statement made me a loyal customer immediately. He said. “I want to be THAT guy when it comes to your flooring.” He asked for my business straight up - no games. After he finished the job, I paid him more than my invoice because he provided VALUE. He took time to talk with me about local “things.” This experience has not been uncommon to me since moving “back” to Tennessee.

I must say that I consider myself to be an engaging person and love making friends and connections. Thanks mom! So, I am OPEN to them. Most of the time, I leave an interaction feeling like I have known someone my entire life.

I now have a dry cleaning lady. Her name is Sugi. I do not know what she is actually going to do to the clothes that I dropped off because we were too busy connecting! I do know the clothes will be ready on Saturday and that if I ever don’t feel like going inside, she will bring them to my car. (Maybe I need more people to make me look spry enough to go inside to pick up my laundry?) Ask for people’s names when they serve you!

I also have a furniture guy. Anthony is the best! I have never met him in person but he will always be my first go to when I need furniture. Anthony OWNS Nashco but he never once told me that. Instead, he focused on how he could help me accomplish what I was looking to do and exceeded my expectations.

We have Janis like Joplin from Chicago. And Bridgid, that sounds like frigid, but she is not (her words not mine) - both serve friendship over food.

Doris that moved here 41 years ago from Germany and returns once per year. She works at Kroger until 2 and then serves at the coolest local restaurant until late in the evening. She works 7 days per week! She has a dog that she walks every morning before beginning her long day. Troy Kemp is her favorite. And, she takes time to do more than just take your order.

When I am ready to buy a house, I have a guy for that too (yes Tim, it’s you!) and it is NOT the guy that I leased the house from. Why? Because THAT guy went MIA as soon as I had the key in my hand. (Notice, I did not name drop the person who did not meet my expectations?)

Business interactions should be about making connections rather than making a sale. When you do THAT, you will make more than ONE sale every time.

Be a servant in whatever you do.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

And, if your heart is not in whatever you do, you should not be doing it.

Just some musings...from my soul,


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