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Reflections Of Me

The scale and the mirror do not lie. That was the very first thing I wrote this morning. Some might argue that the scale and mirror do not reflect who you are as a person but I disagree. This morning they announced the hard reality that I have been living an undisciplined, haphazard life. I was not happy with what and who I saw looking back at me. James Clear states in his phenomenal book Atomic Habits that we don't rise to our habits but rather we fall to our systems. My systems need revamping.

When I picked up one of the numerous journals that I have lying around, I noticed the last entry was from two years ago. The entry could very well have been from today. I weigh the exact same amount that I did two years ago. Sadly, in those two years, I have lost and regained the same forty pounds. I should be clear when I say that it truly is about so much more than the number on the scale. It is about the person I desire to be.

Good intentions and motivation are getting me nowhere. So, I transferred my domain and redesigned my website to share the journey to the new and improved me. I intend to share my thoughts, my struggles, my setbacks, my systems, and my victories as I transform myself into the person that I know I am capable of becoming. Some might say that the old me is not so bad and I appreciate the love. I agree. I am so much better than I used to be but I have not achieved the best me possible and that is my determined path. I want to be the best me in every area of my life.

I don't promise that the entries that I share here will be all butterflies and roses but I promise they will be real and from my heart. I hope that by sharing in such a vulnerable and transparent way that you will see a little bit of you in me and we will become friends - after all journeys are best when they are shared. I promise you daily insights into me even if they aren't pretty!

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