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My Green Acres/Green Level Farm Life

Christian friends ...this is for you!!!

He (the man of my dreams) does not know that I watch him carrying our wee bit Yorkie with our Jack Russell matching his every step, and our one remaining hen following along – my crew. It is bedtime for the chicken, Phoebe (Pheebs- affectionately.) They all say

“goodnight” and my husband ( the equine veterinarian) with his big mushy, loving heart pets Phoebe, thanking her for her eggs, all the while saying “Good night Chick Chick.” Chloe bends and crooks her head with intrigue to look inside the coop as if to say “goodnight” as well.

Every morning the reverse is true. My sweet man comes to retrieve the Yorkie from mommy-puppy cuddle time so that she can say “good morning” to her very own pet chicken. If a Yorkie can exude joy…. she does. That wiggle butt goes wild!

Later in the day, Phoebe will knock on the door for her bread. I will sit on the back stairs and she will eat all of the crust leaving the middle for the Mojo (Mojobo Tucker Bain- we are all Tucker Bain’s in this house), the most amazing Jack Russell of all times. Yep, the hen and the Jack Russell share snack time.

My heart swells. This is my life. I am in love with every minute of it.

I could compare my life to those with homes that are magazine ready and feel a bit slighted. I guess it depends on the magazine. Mine could easily appear in “This Old House” with Bob Vila (is he still alive?) and people would oooh and ahhh. The truth is I have started doing just that. Ooohing and ahhhing. Loving my life. Counting my blessings – the walks, the antler sheds, turtle shells and future happiness rocks – the rocks that you paint and they make you happy!

When you count your blessings, there is simply no time left for anything else.

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