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Meant For More

It is January 3, 2023. A new year. I have only one resolution that shall be my life's resolution, and that is to seek God first in all things, daily, moment to moment, with every breath I take. I am not sure how I can be a fairly intelligent person by worldly standards, yet so ignorant in my ways. I keep repeating the same patterns and thus the same mistakes in my life, only to end up broken, empty, and hopeless time and time again.

To truly be transformed, I have deleted all of my social media accounts. That may not be necessary for you, but just as an alcoholic must separate themselves from alcohol, I must separate myself from the things that separate me from Christ. In the quiet moments, in the stillness, if you are anything like me, you begin to aimlessly scroll and allow the thoughts and opinions and the lives of others (most of which you probably do not even truly KNOW) fill your thoughts. For me, that is like suicide. It kills my very spirit. It is still early in this process for me. I will keep you posted on how it goes. So far, I have noticed the insane amount of times that I have picked up my phone mindlessly to occupy myself, only to be reminded that I no longer have access to social media. Instead, I have loaded books onto Kindle on my phone. I click on the Bible when I would have clicked on my Facebook widget. I have disabled notifications from most everything. I have unsubscribed from most things. This will be my year with God. Not to say that after this year, we are parting ways. Not at all. This will be the year that I allow God to transform me beyond anything I have ever known to prepare me for the life that he desires for me. The life I have been squandering away.

I plan to invest the time that I have been wasting on things that, in my opinion, have become Satan’s tools on things that are more in alignment with God’s purposes for my life.

I already feel a sense of relief. I had become stressed, overwhelmed, unproductive, unhappy, hopeless, and confused. We all know that our loving God is not the author of confusion. So, who has been holding the pen?

The thought has occurred to me I may lose touch with some people in the process. I have no doubt that was Satan’s way of trying to convince me I was making a huge mistake by deleting my accounts. Because by doing so, I have removed one of his most powerful spheres of influence over my life. I plan to connect to people on a more personal level and trust that the people that are supposed to be in my life will be absent from social media. Truly, if they were in my life via social media only, were they truly ever in my life at all? I want more. I want deeper connections. It amazes me I fell for Satan’s lie that I could only make an impact for Christ through social media platforms.

This is my journey and I am excited and hopeful for the first time in a very long time. I look forward to seeing what God creates in me and through me now that I have submitted to Him. I know that I am meant for more.

In Christ,


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