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Learning to Breathe

Author Cynthia Bain shares the true story of one woman’s struggle to defeat an horrific past: a life that forced Bain to endure routine tragedy, abuse, and numerous hardships. In Learning to Breathe, she shares with readers her moving and inspirational account, deftly rendered through her ability to articulate emotion, empathy, and the human experience.

Throughout her entire youth, Bain had to hold her breath, never knowing when she would experience abuse at the hands of a psychotic mother who had habitual, violent mood swings. Having to deal with the abnormal psychology inherent to a dysfunctional family resulted in years of turmoil, a suppressed spirit, and an incredible struggle. Beyond simple survival, there was a necessity for her to repair shattered dreams and a complete loss of hope.

Surrounded by a similarly toxic environment, some would have given up or committed suicide—often the tragic results of having experienced abuse. However, Bain’s story is one that ends victoriously, one where she found God. Having lived a life that to many is inconceivable, her relationship with God and her commitment to being a Christian has been the one constant that, through it all, helped her endure—and allowed her to eventually triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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