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Bubble Wrapped

On Sunday as I was getting ready for church, I decided that my bangs were too long. So, as I always do, I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed my sharp pointy scissors and poked them right into my left eye. Painful, yes. Scary, umm BIG YES. As I was holding my eye, I calmed down and immediately thought, “Thank you God. That could have been so much worse.”

In that moment, I was reminded that God is with me every second of every day. Quite often, I complicate His world. I am one of those that takes a village. In my case, my village is undoubtedly made up of guardian angels who are forced to work overtime - as in never a day off. Not sure a Starbuck’s gift card will suffice? I do imagine they have Starbucks in Heaven. I picture the angels with their huge wings (they earned them protecting me) sipping caffe’ mochas shaking their heads and dusting themselves off in a very Jetson-ish kind of way. Maybe they even have a dog named Astro?! Dogs in Heaven! I definitely want to go but apparently God still has something He needs me to do here.

There was the time when I was younger that I went looking for a gas leak with a lit match.

The time a couple of years ago when I fell face first into our brick steps, lay there unconscious for hours, somehow (insert the guardian angels working overtime here) made it into my house, went to SLEEP (yes, you read that right) woke up to use the restroom and looked in the mirror on my way there to discover my mangled face. I proceeded to drive myself to the ER where the security guard was sure that I had been assaulted. I confirmed that I had by my stairs. The fact that I was still alive should be testament to the fact that God has been protecting me from myself for a very long time.

I have been entertaining myself in the imaginary world of my mind since the scissor incident – recounting all the near misses that I know about. All the times that God was undeniably interceding on my behalf.

That leads me to think about all of the times God has protected me from things I could not even fathom. All the forces that have tried to come against me… rattlesnakes that I have not seen but KNOW inhabit my yard like a small country of their very own. My husband's driving.

God and the angels that He has assigned to me use invisible bubble wrap to swaddle me daily. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that God created Alfred Fielding and his partner, a Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes so they could invent bubble wrap 12 years before I was born just for my benefit. Not just for protecting me, but also for my entertainment. There was that one time that a classmate’s mom sent him to school with bubble wrap as a nap mat, and I just could not stop popping the bubbles while he slept. No cookie for me!

I digress. Welcome to my vivid imagination. Welcome to my truth. God protects me always even when I am so self-consumed and self-absorbed that I fail to notice.

This leads me to announce the creation of my exclusive line of bubble wrap jewelry made to remind us as we wear it daily that God has us covered. Taking orders now! No payment required. Jesus paid it all. No actual jewelry will be sent.

Until Next Time,


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