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Isn’t it so strange that when we have time to do the things, we often don’t do the things? And, when we don’t have time to do things, we want to do the things!

I have had so much free time the past several years but was lacking the “being inspired” or “being motivated” part. Writing took a back seat.

Now that life has thrown me a few curve balls, I think about writing all of the time!

This morning in the shower as I decided to use one of the little bottles of hotel conditioner that my husband has accumulated the past several years of non-stop traveling, I composed two blogs. Neither of which are THIS one.

That little travel sized conditioner said so many things to me aside from being green and making me question whether or not I was smearing guacamole in my hair. I would say THAT thought alone could make one question whether or not I have spent too much time in New Mexico but that is simply not possible. It is called The Land of Enchantment for a reason.

That little bottle told me that life has changed in a big way. My husband is home now. No more traveling. No more little hotel soaps. Location change. Job change(s). New stores. New schedules. New people.

I have moved upwards of 40 times in my life. You would think I would be a pro by now and in some respects, I am exactly that. Logistics. Packing. Organizing. But, it never fails that I am always hit with the “adjustment” phase. Sadness. Mindset. Feeling lost. Out of place. Like the last place was “home” and wondering if “this” place will ever feel that way or if I will feel that way again. Who will I get to fix my hair? Ricky!!! I miss you. Isn’t that one of the most important questions? Hair.

Then, God hears your heart and uses a willing servant to send you flowers to remind you of the one saying that has carried you through LIFE…

Bloom where you are planted. And, so the writing, the dreaming, the living, the serving will no longer be pushed to the back burner.

Thanks seester….

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