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With a husband that travels and me working remotely, I often find myself in a situation where I can get away with not showing up. I will be the first to admit that in the past on more than one occasion, I have chosen not to.

What does not showing up look like? It ain’t pretty. Messy hair don’t care. Shower? Shave – definite no! Because most days, I don’t have to leave my house – no one will see me, so I have been known to consider it a Hall Pass to live like a teenager whose parents are on vacation. HOME ALONE! Cook? Nope. I have been known to go to the drive-thru looking as described above but I wear sunglasses, so they won’t SEE me! I know, ridiculous.

The problem with this is that I was not showing up for myself either. It is kind of like only using the good dishes when you have company. Why do we do this? Why do we save the best of everything for everyone else? Are we not worth the good stuff?

I decided that I would show up for me AS THE BEST ME every single day no matter what. It does not matter if I do not see another single breathing human, I see me. I should care more about what I think of me and how I feel about me than what anyone else thinks or feels about me. I deserve the good stuff! We deserve the good stuff.

What does showing up for yourself look like? First, you do it silently and consistently every single day. You don’t need other people cheering for you in this. You need to cheer for you. When you are showing up as your best self for you every day, you will automatically begin to show up for the world and the world will see you and feel your energy.

Showing up is making your bed every day because when you walk in the room it just makes you feel good. Not for anyone else but YOU.

Showing up is waking up and going to the gym at 4:30am every day even if you are going by yourself so that you can wake your body and your mind to handle any of life’s challenges that may come your way OR so that you will be totally present in your moments to be truly grateful in each one. (Okay showing up may look different for you than for me!) I have come to love this time of morning. I see stars, hear coyotes, see a resident tarantula…Good Morning God!

Showing up is extending your arms and taking a deep breath.

Showing up is a scavenger hunt. It is looking for something amazing every single day. Don’t go to sleep until you are amazed.

Showing up is also slowing down to rest.

Showing up is serving others because it makes you feel alive.

I think it is a lesson in loving yourself from the inside out. Realizing that YOU deserve the best of you every single day.

Write in the pretty notebook. Use the best dishes. Wear the shirt that you bought for a special occasion! Just yesterday, I found brand new socks in my closet that I have not used. I think I was saving them for some reason. Doesn’t wearing brand new socks feel amazing? Like really amazing!!! You just want to wiggle your toes.

Go buy or make a very pretty invitation. Make it spectacular. Make it so that if you received it in the mail, you would stop and feel the paper. You would be intrigued and think wow this is amazing! I am imagining that mine would look like I was being invited to a royal ball. Then – fill it out and invite yourself to show up every single day as the best you. Tape it to your mirror. RSVP.

Post your invitation in the comments! Or, at the very least if you are in, type RSVP!

Love you all!

Until Next Time,


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